Ask HeyDoc, your personal medical assistant

Message HeyDoc about any symptoms, medical concerns, or questions that you or someone you care about have

Receive a note with relevant medical information, next steps, and follow-up questions

No expensive appointments, long wait times, or scary internet searches

How much does it cost?
It’s 100% free. Standard message & data rates may apply for SMS.
How long does a conversation take?
As long as you want. Share as much as you’d like and ask as many questions as you want. On average, we see conversations last 5-10 minutes.
Why are response times slow?
It’s likely due to HeyDoc keeping up with high demand. We’re working around the clock to make it faster for you. It’s normal for HeyDoc to take 2-4 minutes to send you the smart note at the end of your conversation.

No More Waiting Rooms or Endless Internet Searches


For those problems that are hard to talk about…

We’ve all got that one thing we’re too embarrassed to talk about. Don’t let that stop you from getting the information you deserve. Get it off your chest and talk to an AI now - HeyDoc is discrete, it doesn’t judge, and it’s just a few finger taps away.

For those “small things” that may not be so small…

Life is crazy and doctors are hard to reach. Your health is unique but the internet doesn’t listen to you. Have a conversation with HeyDoc and get those small problems addressed in a small amount of time. We’re here to listen.

For your loved ones

They mean the world to you and you’re the first to notice when their health changes. You know them better than any website ever could, or that doctor that sees them once a year. HeyDoc listens to you and understands the nuance of their health. Get the information you need, now. For your young ones, and for your old ones.

Ask HeyDoc, your personal medical assistant